In addition to an extensive range of commodities futures, we also offer commodity markets with no expiry points*

  • Lowest commodity spreads on the market
  • Hundreds of futures on popular and niche metals, energies and softs
  • Daily funded bets on 47 key commodities
  • Transparent dealing – clear profit/loss over your position’s lifetime
  • Spot Gold from just 0.3 points, Brent Crude from 2.8 points
  • Continuous charting, with technical analysis available as long as you want

What you get

Choose to deal commodities as daily funded bets and benefit from lower spreads, increased transparency and continuous charting

Market name

Minimum bet 


Margin factor

Spot Gold £5 0.3 0.5%

Spot Silver

£3 2.5 1%
Oil - US Crude £2 2.8 1%
Oil - Brent Crude £1 2.8 1%

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Exciting range of markets

We offer extensive dealing opportunities on energies, including US and brent crude oil, natural gas and no lead gasoline, as well as precious metals such as spot gold and silver, high grade copper and platinum. You can also choose from a host of softs, such as cocoa, coffee, wheat, livestock and sugar.

Continuous charting

When you open a daily funded bet on one of our 47 eligible markets, we provide continuous charting. This means your technical analysis will be available as long as you want it. We’ve also backdated our price charts for the last three to five years so you can get an accurate look at previous market movements.

Spread betting on commodities

Commodities prices often fluctuate significantly, making them a popular choice for traders and spread bettors

This is because the production and consumption of commodities depend on many factors, including supply and demand, the weather, and economic and political events.

With IG, as well as spread betting on commodities as traditional futures contracts (agreements to trade an asset at a fixed price and date in the future), you can choose to deal on markets with no fixed expiries. This means you can take a short-term view on the price movements of commodities, benefiting from lower spreads with no insurance costs. 

Deal with no expiry points

Take a cost-effective short-term view on 47 key commodity markets

A field of corn | IG Commodities

With no regular expiry points this product works in the same way as a daily funded bet – you’ll pay a funding charge for holding your position overnight. You can access commodity markets with lower spreads, and continuous charting.

How do we make our prices?

In the absence of a continuously traded underlying market, we have created an algorithm to derive a price from the forward curve of each commodity. It will automatically calculate and apply day-to-day funding requirements.

For any position opened before 10pm Friday that is still open after 10pm Friday, the basis adjustment will be made for three days as opposed to one. This three-day adjustment is applied on the Sunday night or Monday morning.

*In the case of all daily funded bets, there is a fixed expiry at some point in the future