Digital 100s

Find dealing opportunities in even the flattest markets with our range of digital 100s

Take a position on volatility itself, not just market direction

Use a variety of digital 100 types, including One touch, Ladder, Tunnel and Up/Down

Timeframes to suit you – from 5 minutes to daily, weekly and monthly

Know your potential profit and loss before you deal

Access an extensive range of major European and international markets

Deal on the go with our free apps

What you get

Enjoy knowing your maximum profit or loss before you deal, and keep on top of your positions directly through digital 100 charts

Market Type Timescale
FTSE 100 Ladder, Up/Down, One Touch, Target, Tunnel, Hi/Lo 5 min to weekly
Germany 30 Ladder, Up/Down, One Touch, Target 5 min to weekly
Wall Street Ladder, Up/Down, One Touch, Target, Tunnel, Hi/Lo 5 min to weekly
Spot USD/JPY Ladder, Up/Down, One Touch 5 min to monthly

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Limited-risk opportunities

Digital 100s can offer opportunities in all conditions, and you can choose from an array of types, markets and timeframes. However, unlike other forms of spread betting, your risk is always limited to your stake, so you’ll know your maximum profit or loss before you deal.   

Enhanced digital 100 ladders

Our latest digital 100 interface is designed to help you make the most of short-term opportunities. You can deal directly through your digital 100 charts, close multiple bets in one go, and view your position in relation to the movement of the underlying market.

Spread betting on digital 100s

Digital 100 bets are generally based on a single question, with a yes/no answer

This means you’re taking a view on whether a specific outcome will or won't occur. For example, 'Will Wall Street be up at the close of the day?’

If you think yes, you ‘buy’ at the current price, which is always somewhere between zero and 100. If you think no, you ‘sell’. If Wall Street does finish up on the day, the answer is ‘yes’, and the digital 100 settles at 100. If it doesn’t and the answer is ‘no’, the digital 100 settles at zero.

Your profit or loss is your bet size multiplied by the difference between 100 or zero and the level at which you 'bought' or 'sold'. Of course, you also have the option to close your position before expiry, in which case your profit or loss will be determined by the difference between your opening and closing price.

We base our digital 100 prices on a number of factors, including the price and volatility of the underlying market and time left to expiry. And as with all our markets, there’s a spread, with you buying at the bid and selling at the offer.

At IG we provide digital 100s across indices, forex, commodities, shares and bitcoin. In addition, we offer a number of markets based on major economic indicators, such as US non-farm payrolls, and the outcome of political events like the UK General Election.