Low margins and competitive spreads on more than 7500 international shares

  • Access to thousands of popular global markets
  • Tiered margining for the most competitive rates
  • Multi-venue price sourcing for the best possible deal
  • Price changes from underlying markets reflected in 0.08s
  • Extended hours on over 60 key US stocks
  • Seamless dealing on desktop or mobile and tablet apps

What you get

Benefit from low spreads on both daily funded bets and quarterly bets across our extensive range of global share markets

Share category

DFBs Near quarter Far quarter Very far quarter 
FTSE 100 shares 0.10% 0.20% 0.40% 0.60%
Major US shares 0.10% 0.35% 0.45% 0.60%
Major European shares 0.10% 0.35% 0.45% 0.60%

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Over 7500 shares

Spread bet on stocks listed on exchanges around the world. If there’s a share you’d like to deal that isn’t on our list, you can call our dealing desk to find out if it’s something we can potentially offer.

Multi-venue price sourcing

Our technology sources prices from two of Europe’s leading exchanges, Chi-X and BATS, as well as primary exchanges like the LSE, to give you access to the best available prices from around the globe.

Spread betting on shares

Shares are one of the most popular and well-known financial instruments, and with shares spread betting you never need to own the underlying stock

When you buy a share, you’re buying a small part – or ‘unit of ownership’ – in a company, which, if you were a conventional trader, you would then look to sell on at a profit.

With spread betting, as you are simply making a bet on the direction in which you think a share price will move, you can potentially profit from falling markets by taking a short position, or from those that are rising by taking a long position. At IG we offer permanently low spreads on thousands of shares, given as a percentage of the underlying market value. We subtract the spread from the market value to get a Sell price, and we add it to the market value to get a Buy price. This enables you to keep dealing even in bearish markets.

As an alternative to traditional shares trading, you will also benefit from tax-free profits and leveraged dealing, free from stamp duty and commission.1

Extended hours on US stocks

Capitalise on important company announcements even when the US stock market is shut

American flag on Wall Street's façade | IG Shares

Many UK-based trading companies only allow you to trade up until 9pm on the US stock market, but we know that a lot of IG clients need to trade outside these hours to make the most of a company's quarterly announcements.

That's why we've made it possible to spread bet on over 60 key US stocks up until 1am Mon-Thurs and 10pm Fri (London time), including all 30 Wall Street index shares.

1Tax laws are subject to change and depend on individual circumstances. Tax law may differ in a jurisdiction other than the UK.