Risk management

Mitigate your exposure to adverse market events with our easy-to-apply risk management tools

  • Cap your losses with guaranteed stops
  • Lock in profits with trailing stops
  • Set price alerts to instantly respond to price movements

Tools to manage risk

You can’t always react immediately to sudden market movements. Our automated risk management tools are designed as safeguards against the risks of leveraged dealing – helping to protect your profits and limit your losses.

Stop losses

Set the level at which your position will close if the market turns against you using a stop loss. Basic stop losses are free of charge, but there is the potential for slippage. 


Guaranteed stops

Put an absolute cap on your potential losses by attaching a guaranteed stop to your position. There will be no slippage, even if the market gaps suddenly. This is subject to an additional charge if triggered.


Price alerts

Receive free notifications when a market reaches a specified buy or sell price, without your position being closed, so you can decide what action to take.


Trailing stops

Track and safeguard your profit with a trailing stop. Apply one when you open your position and it will move as your profit grows. If the market then turns, your position will close at your trailing stop’s new level, though there is potential for slippage.


Learn why implementing these tools can help you manage your risk, in our tips on risk management.

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Spread betting with a risk management tool | Risk Management

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