Use your own front-end solutions to take advantage of our market-leading pricing and execution technology

Deal via an API

Automate your spread betting with a choice of APIs

Web-based API

Our web API offers you an easy way to get market data, see historical prices and execute bets against your IG account. You can use it with Excel (VBA), .NET, Java and any programming language that supports HTTP.

It is also designed to get you coding as quickly as possible, with a sample app, fully featured online documentation and interactive developer tools to assist you. 


Our API supports pricing, spread betting and streaming account balance figures and is connected securely to IG’s systems using SSL over the web.

You can spread bet on our full range of Over The Counter products with the FIX API, which uses a real time feed of our own prices.

To ensure that our API is right for you, to request our rules of engagement or to find out more, please call one of our account executives.

Additional services

Other options for connectivity, including leased lines, are available upon request should you wish to consider them.