Spread betting with IG

Low spreads, a ground-breaking platform and professional features. There are plenty of ways to get a better deal with the world’s No.1 spread betting provider.*

Spreads from 0.4 points

Tight spreads, transparent charges and no hidden fees

Tiered margining

Low margin rates, with tiered margining for even better value

You can open and maintain your account free of charge. Inactivity fees may apply2

ProRealTime charts

Fully integrated, fully customisable. Complete with ProOrder automated dealing. Charges may apply.1

50% off minimum bet sizes

Reduced-risk dealing for new clients for the first two weeks

Outstanding customer service

24-hour telephone support and dedicated technical specialists

Lightning-fast execution

One-click dealing and fast execution

No requotes

Your live trade will never be executed at a worse price than requested

Price improvement technology

Clients have saved £55 million since 20133

Account benefits

Innovative technology, expert analysis, support and education – everything a successful spread bettor needs.

Premium service

Waived fees, reduced charges and better margins, with exclusive rewards for VIP clients. Terms apply.

What is spread betting?

Learn the basics, see the benefits and understand the risks that are involved in spread betting.

*No.1 spread betting provider based on number of active UK financial spread betting accounts (Investment Trends UK Leveraged Trading Report October 2016)

1You can get access to ProRealTime charts at no extra cost if you transact at least four times in a given month. However, if you don't meet this requirement, or your trading activity is of extremely low value, then a £30 per month fee will apply on the last day of every calendar month

2Inactivity fee of £12 on the first of every month, if no dealing activity has occurred for two years or more

3If the market price moves to a better level while we are processing your deal, our technology tracks it and we can improve your price (subject to minimum tolerances)